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I know that cat prints the contents of the file on screen.

i never worked on linux.But i am aware that tac is the command to show the file from bottom to top.I am not even sure whether tac is on unix.Atleast on my unix box its not present. i want to know is there a simple command unix which gives the output from bottom to top?

i am expecting like below :

<command> file_name;

I know this can be done using some tools like awk,sed. but could anyone please tell me a most simple command to perform that task?

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tac is in GNU coreutils, and is presently the only single file executable that does what you want. If you don't have tac installed you'll need to use a slower alternative, like the ones outlined at filter to reverse lines of a text file

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You can use tail -r

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I am on Lubuntu here and my tail does not have the -r option. Now I even know why: the POSIX specification for the tail command does not list a -r option, hence it must be an (unofficial?) extension (presumedly not even a GNU extension). –  syntaxerror Sep 26 '14 at 0:56

The Unix equivalent of



tail -r

Hope this helps

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