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As far as i know, If there is clientValidationFunction in a customer validator. it will not let the post back happen until the value is valid. So if there is clientValidationFunction already, it is not needed to have a ServerValidate event right ?

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You should never rely on client-side code alone to perform validation. The client might have scripting disabled, so your validation code may not run at all. Moreover, client-side code can also be circumvented in many other ways.

Client-side validation is useful to avoid a round-trip to the server when a field is invalid, but you still have to perform server-side validation to actually ensure the client has sent valid data.

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That is right in case you are trying to fire an event of a control with a CausesValidation property that has been set to true. However, if CausesValidation has been set to false a Post Back is going to happened.

You can force the validator to call its validation logic even if the CausesValidation has been set to false by call validator.Validate().

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You're right. Server validation should be used when you can't create - because of complexity - a client rule. Here you can read some more

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