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I'm considering putting the ObjectContext inside HttpContext.Current so that all logic in the same request can access to it without having to open/destroy each time. In ObjectContextManager class i created this.

get {
    string ocKey = "ocm_" + HttpContext.Current.GetHashCode().ToString("x");
    if (!HttpContext.Current.Items.Contains(ocKey))
      HttpContext.Current.Items.Add(ocKey, new JEntities());
    return HttpContext.Current.Items[ocKey] as JEntities;

and then I call this static property every time i execute a query on current request.

public static JEntities CurrentObjectContext {
  get {
    if (ObjectContextManager == null)
    return ObjectContextManager.ObjectContext;
    //return new JobsEntities();

But it gets disposed when it tries to execute second query. Can you tell me where i went wrong?

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are you executing the first query like using(JEntities jEntities = ObjectContextManager.CurrentObjectContext){var entities = jEntities.Foo;} ? – Eranga May 30 '11 at 8:43

Disposed? Your code has nothing to do with disposing. If you get disposed context it means you most probably enclosed the context retrieval into using and you disposed the instance yourselves.

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WOWW.. THANKS THANKS – Aysha Sharmin May 30 '11 at 9:09

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