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In fortify audit workbench tool we have different type of filter set say 1.security auditor view 2.developer view 3.critical exposure 4.hotspot etc what are those filter set and what are the difference between each filter set..

thanks in advance

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These are the default filter sets that are delivered with the product. They can be modified to fit your needs. I only use the Security Auditor View because it shows all issues and lets me decide what I should remediate.

Default filter descriptions: - Security Auditor View: Issues with the most comprehensive set of rules. (Shows all results) - Developer View: Issues include a balance between producing results that detail all potential issues and a targeted set of possible vulnerabilities. - Critical Exposure: Issues within categories that have been proven to be high priority issues across multiple industries and within a variety of environments. (Only the big-baddies) - Hotspot: Issues that are particularly interesting to developers, such as high accuracy bugs.

If you turn on the Filter tab (Options->Show View->Filters) you will be able to see how these filters are defined.

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