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I am working on embedded software for an industrial System. The system consists of several stepper-motors, sensors, cameras, etc. Currently, the mechanics as well as the electronics are not available - only specification.

I've implemented the simulation for some parts of mechanics/elektronics, but it takes a consiredable amount of efort. So my question:

Are there good portable (Win/Linux) Hardware simulation frameworks? Easy to install/use and affordable in prise? My basic requirements are:

  • Send command to stepper -get interrupt from light-barrier
  • recognize object with camera ( not necessary)
  • mechanical parts should move according to steppers but stop on obstacles.
  • objects should fall, if there is no ground underneath
  • fluids should increase/decrease volume in bassins according to physical laws

My Application is in C++/Qt, so it would be the best, if such a framework had C/C++ bindings.

Thank you for any advice!

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I face the same problem as I have to develop systems to interface with several types of automation devices (robots, firmware devices, etc). I still want to provide unit test for my code, but after writing 3 or 4 simulated devices, I thought it got to be a better way.

Fortunately in my case, my code was all in C# and the final solution was to use Moq to create simple mocks of those devices. I'm not familiar with mocking frameworks for C++/Qt, but a simple search rendered a couple of results, including one made by google (googlemock).

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