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Hello i have an Oracle stored proc that takes 2 parameters: userid as input parameter and a Oracle table with 2 columns as second out parameter: how can i invoke the procedure from PHP? I think that the problem stands in the oci_bind_* for second parameter: i've tried oci_bind_array_by_name but i always get 'PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to GET_VALUES'. Can anyone help me, please?

Here is my code:

$query = "begin GET_VALUES(:P_CUSTOMERCODE,:P_TAB); end;";
$stmt = oci_parse($ora_conn, $query) or die(oci_error());
oci_execute($stmt) or die(oci_error());

Thanks in advance

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What's your code so far? – Flukey May 30 '11 at 9:16

Not sure a multi-column table will work with oci_bind_array_by_name. Looking at the php manual, you can use this to bind a simple varray, assoc array or nested table, basically as simply 1 column list of values. You'd specify the type of array in the "type" param, using SQLT_CHR for varchar2 for example (if you defined an array like : type t_array is table of varchar2(100) index by pls_integer).

Seems you created a custom table of a custom record type(?), something like:

type t_rec is record (
col1 number,
col2 varchar2(100)
type t_tab is table of t_rec;

I don't see where you can bind to t_tab as an out param using php's oci8 calls, but I may be mistaken.

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