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$query = DB::select('thing')->from('things')->where('thing', '=', 'something');

if ($other_thing)
    $query->and_where('other_thing', '=', 'something else');

$query->order_by('thing', 'ASC')->limit(10)->execute()->as_array();

foreach ($query as $row)
    echo $row['thing'];

And what the problem is?


echo $row['thing'] -> nothing.
print_r($query) -> an object and not an array.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me on this? Please!

Thank you!

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try this:

$result = $query->order_by('thing', 'ASC')->limit(10)->execute()->as_array();

foreach ($result as $row)
    echo $row['thing'];
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Thank you for your answer! Everything works just fine! –  user557108 May 30 '11 at 9:56

To expand on the above answer, the problem is that the execute function is actually returning an instance of Database_Result. As the above post points out you are able to call various functions on this object that will then return the data in various formats (see the previous link for a full list of available functions)

This provides various benefits - this page describes them all

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