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If I have multiple non-rectangular custom QWidgets (e.g. circle-shaped buttons), can I overlap them?

It seems there is no way to let Qt know which parts of the widgets are opaque, so mouse event are delivered to the correct QWidget (It looks like Qt assumes each widget occupies its bounding rectangle).

Should I turn these widgets into QGraphicsItems instead?

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You can give QWidgets a mask if you want them to be non-rectangular. This should work, but it's not always straightforward to create the mask region. QGraphicsItem certainly makes handling non-rectangular shapes much easier.

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Using QWidget masks can drastically affect performances, so if you 'know' programmatic-ally the shape of your widget (circle ...) it could be a good idea to re-implement event handler and pass events to parent widget when you are out of the shape. – vrince May 30 '11 at 13:02

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