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I am trying to develop a chrome keylogger for educational purposes. The problem I am facing is that I am not sure how to capture the keys from different tabs. I have created a extension for the keylogger with a icon. When the icon is pressed; the background page is supposed to run and just alert the key string as they are pressed.

The code of the background page is :

    document.onmousedown = currWin;
function getCurrWin()

function currWin(tab)
    alert(tab.title + " : " + tab.id);
    document.onkeypress = keylogger;

function keylogger(e)
{   if(e.keyCode==27)
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In your currWin(tab), document refers to the background page, and not the tab you selected. Therefore, you don't really attach to the right event.

You will have to use Content Scripts to get to the events in a tab.

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