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I am returning a list of dates,list of size and list of months from controller action to gsp..i want each value in dates,size and months list to be displayed in 3 different fields of each to achieve it?

Advance thanks


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Suppose dlist is the list of dates you are passing from the controller/action, then in gsp:

  <g:each in="${dlist}">
    <tr>Date: ${it}</tr>


  <g:each var="date" in="${dlist}">
    <p>date: ${date}</p>


To achieve this thing, I think it would be better to pass list of maps to gsp page, e.g

def index = {
  def data = [[date:"d1",size:'s1', month:'m1'],
              [date:'d2',size:'s2', month:'m2'],
              [date:'d3',size:'s3', month:'m3']]


in gsp page:

  <g:each in="${data}">
    <tr><td>Date: ${}, Size: ${it.size}, Month: ${it.month}</td></tr>

HTML view:

Date: d1, Size: s1, Month: m1
Date: d2, Size: s2, Month: m2
Date: d3, Size: s3, Month: m3
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but i have 3 lists date size and month passing from action i want each row to display each list value in 3 different td's..i used **<g:each in "${date},${size},${month}>**but it is'nt working – laxmi May 31 '11 at 3:59
how can i use more than 1 list in each. – laxmi May 31 '11 at 4:00

use <g:each> tag. Your <table> tag should be outside <g:each> and <tr> tags inside <g:each>

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