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hi there im trying to pass my jquery variable onto php

j query bit

 <script> $(document).ready(function() {

$(function() {
    $( "#tabs" ).tabs().find( ".ui-tabs-nav" );

$("#resizable").resizable({ maxWidth: 500,  minWidth: 250 ,handles:'e', grid: [1, 1] } );
 var txt =$("#resizable").width() * 2;  $("#test").text('Template Width: ' + txt + 'px');
 $("#resizable").resize(function() {
     txt = $("#resizable").width() * 2;
      $("#test").text('Template Width:' + txt + 'px'); 

what i want to do is call my txt variable into php for example

<?php $templatewidth = (myjquery variable txt) ;?>
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You'd need to make an XHR to the server to send that variable to PHP.

Look at the jQuery AJAX methods.

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  1. PHP runs on the server, generates some output.
  2. The server delivers that output to the browser
  3. The browser runs any client side JavaScript in the page

It is too late to send data back to the instance of the PHP program that generated the page.

You can send new data by making an HTTP request (e.g. via XMLHttpRequest), get a response in JS and then handle that new data in JS.

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