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How do I make a function to do the following?

showIt :: a -> String
showIt word = .......?

so that if I use

showIt "ant"

I get:


in Haskell? I know I can use the show definition as such for Ints

*Main> show 3
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I don't understand your question. Why don't you just use show? –  FUZxxl May 30 '11 at 14:44

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Make the "a" to implement Show type class

showIt :: (Show a) => a -> String
showIt = show
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To convert myself to "myself" you need to put quotes around it. :)

Prelude> "myself"


You can't implement method showIt :: a -> String in a useful way because a can be anything, including function. You can't show a function, can you?

You can, however, implmement showIt :: String -> String like this:

showIt word = word
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