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I'm reading the Java code of libreoffice and there's one thing I don't really understand. The method updateUI() calls 2 time the method updateUI and they pass as a parameter a Vector variable, BUT this method doesn't accept any parameter. Anybody can explain me what this parameter does ? if updateUI() is called this way:


it complains and says:

non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context

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There is another method in the second link you provided: (line 203)

 public static void updateUI(Collection dataAwares) {
            for (Iterator i = dataAwares.iterator(); i.hasNext();)
                ((DataAware) i.next()).updateUI();

This is method that is being called 2 times. Static means you have to specify the Class name before you can call it. Unless you are apart of that class.

Users.getFirstName() (example)

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Static doesn't mean you have to specify the class name before you can call it, it just means that you can specify the class name. You can do someInstance.someStaticMethod();. However, within a "static context" (i.e., the body of a static method), you cannot reference instance members. I.e., you cannot do static void someMethod() { someNonStaticMethod(); }. This is because there is no instance specified to call someNonStaticMethod on. –  Matthew Jun 7 '11 at 17:44

I'd say the Cross-Reference thingy is bad. Here's the method you are looking for:

DataAware.updateUI(Collection dataAwares)

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When you call the static version of this method you are not using it within the context of an instantiated object. This is the reason you need to pass a parameter to the static method so that it knows which objects to update the UI for.

That parameter will allow the static updateUI method to iterate through a collection of DataAware objects and call their updateUI method from a non-static context. That means that the no-parameter updateUI doesn't need a reference to the object because it belongs to an object.

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updateUI() is an instance method, so you have to call it from an instance, while updateUI(Collection dataAwares) is a static method, and is called directly from the class.

And from the same source:

199      * given a collection containing DataAware objects,
200      * calls updateUI() on each memebr of the collection.
201      * @param dataAwares a collection containing DataAware

objects. 202 */

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You're looking at the wrong line.

Look at line 203 ,that's the method being called.

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This is the function which is called:

public static void updateUI(Collection dataAwares)


public void updateUI()

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