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This is the ponycorn game: A couple of my non-programmer friends who are teachers are interested in building games with a similar look and feel with their kids. What would be a good (the best) tool to get started with?

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Independently of the particular game in question, there are some projects aiming to bring programming closer to non-programmers. The all differ in the level of abstraction though. Some of the most interesting ones :

  • Scratch visual, lego-like, great for kids, developed by the MIT

  • Lego Mindstorms provides visual programming, but I'm afraid, this is not suitable for programming ponys as it concentrates on the mindstorms robotics project.

  • processing - a former MIT project. Cross-platform (windows, linux, mac, android) scripting environment, is a rather thin layer over a java framework. very versatile, providing even OpenGL rendering, but your friends will have to write code still - simpler than with most other frameworks but still

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