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Hi I have a list of How to unanswered. It would be great if anyone can help me in this

1) How to debug in eclim

2) How to create servlets easily ( with the template included by default)

3) By any chance is there any support for plugins like 'Perforce'

There are few things like support for junit, getter/setter/construction etc . There should definitely be a good support for the above . Of all things debugging should be there for sure. Unfortunately I am not able to find out how.

Please add more questions and lot more answers. Thanks

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  1. I debug in eclipse. I don't think eclim provides debugging from vim. However, there are solutions. See question How to Debug Java Application using VIM.

  2. Are you just talking about using eclipse's new file wizard to create servlets? I don't know how you could do that from Vim. But you can use vim's templates. Vim's method of templates are referred to in vimdoc as skeleton files. It looks like there are some plugins to provide some defaults: skeleton and tSkeleton.

  3. When I use perforce, I use this perforce.vim plugin.

Eclim supports junit. For getter/setter/construction and other code snippets, try snipMate.

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