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I have to say: This is a different question from these:

I want to provide dynamic .cshtml Content from db when i want.


City Table,FreeHtml Column

@model City 
@Html.CheckBox - @Model.Name - @Html.CustomHelper

How can I write as html helper:

@model City

or as CustomViewResult

public RazorPartialViewResult CityHtml(City city)
   return new RazorPartialViewResult(city.FreeHtml,city)
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I think your answer is here: Storing ASP.Net MVC Views in the Database

You need to replace the default view engine(s) with a custom one. Here is an example: http://weblogs.asp.net/imranbaloch/archive/2011/06/27/view-engine-with-dynamic-view-location.aspx

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