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I've developed a game for iPhone in c++ and OpenGL, and did all my testing in an iPod 3rd gen where it runs at constant 60fps.

Now I'm doing some tests on an iPod 1st gen and I get about 20-30 fps (about 35 ms per frame). I know that's normal because of hardware differences, but the most weird part is that every 40 frames (aprox) there is a frame that takes about 120 ms and I can't find the problem; it seems it's random.

Has anyone had this problem? Is it normal?
Also, I will appreciate any idea.

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"I can't find the problem; it seems it's random." - is not a question. –  Mitch Wheat May 30 '11 at 13:54
Check your game loop. Without any code or more info you are on your own. –  Moshe May 30 '11 at 14:45

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Have you tried to check if the 120 ms lag comes from your OpenGL routines? Could you give more precision about how you check the frame rate.

  • Maybe it comes from your game logics.
  • Also check for read writes routines.
  • I noticed in my case Strange lag during logs with NSLog on older hardware iPod touch 2nd gen which do not happen on the iPhone4.
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