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With text like this:

<div class="element">
<span>N/A, Category</span>

I want to get rid of every occurrence of N/A.

Here is my attempt:

$('.element span').each(function() {
        $(this).text().replace('N/A, ', '');

The logged text is the text inside of the span so the selector is okay.

What am I doing wrong here?

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replace returns a string, it does not perform in place changes. And even then, the text would be set to the element automatically. – Felix Kling May 30 '11 at 13:58
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You need to set the text after the replace call:

$('.element span').each(function() {
        var text = $(this).text().replace('N/A, ', '');

Here's you code working:

Here's another cool way you can do it (hat tip @Felix King):

$(".element span").text(function(index, text) {
    return text.replace("N/A, ", "");
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Or pass a function: $(this).text(function(i, text) { return text.replace(...);}); – Felix Kling May 30 '11 at 13:57
@Felix: Good call, I always forget about that version. – Andrew Whitaker May 30 '11 at 13:58
+1 for the second version, upvote one of @Felix 's answers to transfer it to him :). – kapa May 30 '11 at 14:08
@bazmegakapa: Haha, yep. I've given @Felix plenty of upvotes already :) – Andrew Whitaker May 30 '11 at 14:09
@Andrew: :D Thanks ;) – Felix Kling May 30 '11 at 14:12

It should be like this

$(this).text($(this).text().replace('N/A, ', ''))
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