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I have a little issue when I use the ColumnChooser plugin. When I use the pop-up for the first time, all the columns are on left part. When I click on a row, everything is OK, the _registerRemoveEvents onClick event is called and my row is moved to the right part.

But when I click again on the same row, _registerRemoveEvents and _registerAddEvents onClick events are called, and my row is still on right. I think just the _registerAddEvents has to be called ?

I try to add un unbind to the _applyItemState method, and everything is OK with this change.

Is it due to a version of one of the library (jQuery, jquery UI, …)?

I use jqGrid 4.0.0, jQuery 1.5, jQuery UI 1.8.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

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Do you use commertial version of jqGrid? The names _registerRemoveEvents, _applyItemState, ... not exist in the free open source jqGrid. – Oleg May 30 '11 at 15:20
In fact, the problem comes from the multiselect plugin and the jQuery clone method. I used the jquery 1.5.0, and with this version, jQuery clone the data and events by default. That's what happen with the multiselect plugin. This default value change with the jquery 1.5.1. So Ii upgraded jquery, and everything is OK now. – Gillespie59 May 30 '11 at 15:30

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