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I want to download (via curl or AJAX) the HEAD revision of a file in a Git repository. GitWeb is already installed.

I can get the formatted source code: http://server1.local/?p=Project&a=blob&f=Path/To/File.html

However, this does not seem to work when I use blob_plain as the value for "a"; blob_plain requires a hash in a "h" parameter - but I want to refer to the newest version of the file, not a specific one.

Is there something that needs to be configured? Am I using the right URL schema?

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Which gitweb version?

Because it works for me. When I can access


i can also access


You can always try to give HEAD as argument to 'hb', i.e.

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That what was I thought - but the server gives me an HTTP 500 when I combined blob_plain with h=HEAD... I've got an appointment with the admin tomorrow, let's see what he says. –  GreenIcicle May 31 '11 at 14:20
@GreenIcicle: I am very sorry, it should be 'hb' (hash base), not 'h' (fixed now)... assuming that given file is present in HEAD (but if 'blob' action works, then it should be present). BTW it is important which of HTTP 500 responses was that (error message shown on page). –  Jakub Narębski May 31 '11 at 20:25

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