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does anybody knows if there is a Jenkins /Hudson plugin that when the build is broken it allows you to set some status (like I'll fix it! ) so that other people in the team know that

  • Somebody is working on the issue
  • Who is working on the issue

Thanks for your help

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Yes, it's called Claim Plugin (For more info read here)

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If you are using a bug-tracking/ticketing system, consider looking for a plugin that creates a ticket on the bug-tracker. Then your regular issue-resolution process can kick-in as soon as a build fails. For example a simple process would be

  1. Manager assigns the ticket to a developer
  2. Developer checks in the changes to trigger another build
  3. Manager confirms the build is fixed and closes the ticket

For an example see the plugin for mantis

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Thanks Tahir, The claim plugin is exactly was I was looking for.. – mericano1 May 31 '11 at 8:33

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