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I have an array to store a set of coordinates for painting a piece of line. So here are some example coordinates

double[][] plotMatrix = {{10,20},{55,80},

The next step is to create a markov matrix which is two-dimensional.

enter image description here

First I count the times where a point from the left column is followed by a point in the top column. Since I want a line each point is followed by another single point. That means if we have {10,20} as input the propability of {55,80} being the next point is 100%.

I am not really sure about all this so please correct me!

So this is my matrix

double[][] markovMatrix = { {0.0,1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0},

My algorithm:

    int seed = 0;
    int output = 0;

    for(int i = 0; i < 40;i++){
        double choice = r.nextDouble();

        double currentSum = 0.0;

        for(;output < markovMatrix.length;output++){

            currentSum += markovMatrix[seed][output];

            if(choice <= currentSum){

        polygon.lineTo(plotMatrix[output][0], plotMatrix[output][1]);

        seed = output;

        output = 0;

My problem is that I get an ArrayOutOfBoundsException:7 when I try to access both plotMatrix and markovMatrix. However output is set to 0 at the end of each loop. Any ideas how to solve that problem?

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Can you show you declaration for markovMatrix and plotMatrix? When you step through the code in your debugger, how big in the matrix and how big do you expect it to be? – Peter Lawrey May 30 '11 at 15:09
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I'm not quite sure if its the right answer,

but for(;output < markovMatrix.length;output++) will step from 0 to 7, while you only have 0 to 6 entries in markovMatrix.

Using for(;output < markovMatrix.length-1;output++) fixes the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException by stepping from 1 to 6.

However I suspect you really want to step from 0 to 6. And there lies your problem.

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When are done looping with the inside loop output=7 which is the length of the array. You are supposed to skip that last iteration because your array indexes are from 0 to 6.

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