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I want to be able to change dynamically the view folder. The aim is to be able to change completely the web design depending on the request. I am thinking about something like this :

 Class PagesController


     def show


Supposing a directory architecture like this :

 ---theme 1/show.html.erb
 ---theme 2/show.html.erb
 ---theme 3/show.html.erb

I search over the web and I have found preprend_view_path. (:deprecated) Do you think this is a good idea ot use this ? Any feedback ?


In fact, I want to simplify this :

 Class PagesController

     def show
         render "#{current_theme}/show"

     def edit
         render "#{current_theme}/edit"

     def list
         render "#{current_theme}/list"

     def index
         render "#{current_theme}/index"


Any Solutions ?

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what about layouts? Or partials? if request.somerequest, :render => 'something' – Mikhail Nikalyukin May 30 '11 at 15:58
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You could use append_view_path. In fact, there is a comment on this append_view_path page where someone has used it for theming.

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Maybe you should use layout :some_method_to_change_theme instead? This will simplify and will keep your views DRY.
Look at this layout

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layout works only for changing the layout, but not for changing the yielded templates themselves. Still a good point to not forget that. – Almaron Jun 10 at 18:27

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