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I'm not an expert in coldfusion orm and I call your help because I'm pulling my hair!

I'm excepting to delete an entity 'Action' that has 2 relationship one-to-many, 'Texts' and 'Bonus'.

When I try to delete an Action that has only Texts but no Bonus, everything is fine. Hibernate deletes the Action record and the children Texts. It's what I want!

But when the Action has both Texts and Bonus, I got this error :

Column 'bonus_actionId' cannot be null
Root cause :java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Column 'bonus_actionId' cannot be null

Why Hibernate does not delete the Bonus before deleting the Action ? Like it is done for Texts ?


Action Entity:

component {
    property name="id"      column="action_id" type="numeric" fieldtype="id" generator="native";

    /* ... */

    property name="texts" type="array" 
             fieldtype="one-to-many" cfc="Text" fkcolumn="text_actionId" singularname="text"
             cascade="all-delete-orphan" lazy="true";

    /* ... */

    property name="bonus" type="array" 
             fieldtype="one-to-many" cfc="Bonus" fkcolumn="bonus_actionId" singularname="bonus" 
             cascade="all-delete-orphan" lazy="true";

Text Entity:

component {
    property name="id"      column="text_id" type="numeric" fieldtype="id" generator="native";

    /* ... (properties without relationships */

    property name="action" fieldtype="many-to-one" fkcolumn="text_actionId" cfc="Action" notnull="false" lazy="true";

Bonus Entity:

component  {
    property name="id"      column="bonus_id" type="numeric" fieldtype="id" generator="native";

    /* ... (properties WITH relationships */

    // Parent
    property name="action" fieldtype="many-to-one" fkcolumn="bonus_actionId" cfc="Action" notnull="true" lazy="true";

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Somehow Hiberate would first set the entity to Null (become orphan), then delete the orphans.

So.. remove notnull="true" from property action in Bonus.cfc and you're all set.

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Ok thx for the clarification. –  LarZuK May 30 '11 at 19:01
It is possible to keep notnull="true" and still enjoy to a automatic suppression ? An bonus can not exist without an Action and I found the previous behavior useful. I know that I can use the ORM events to handle the Action preDelete and manually delete all children but like it is "natural", I thought than it's implemented in Hibernate. It is ? –  LarZuK May 30 '11 at 19:08
I'm not sure, but that's how Hibernate's "all-delete-orphan" works... –  Henry May 30 '11 at 21:21

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