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I have a canvas in a hidden panel. It is created before the panel is made visible. The problem I'd like to set its DOM width to 100% but I have a problem with the setCoordinateSpaceWidth then as I cannot get the canvas dimension via getOffsetWidth as the canvas is not visible. I don't even think I can add a resizeevent to Canvas nor is there a VisibleEvent. Would appreciate if anybody had an idea as to how to circumvent the problem?



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(One potential solution below, not just a "me too". Keep reading)

Similar problem here. Canvas in a tab on a TabLayoutPanel. Some controls on a second tab to manipulate the canvas. Drawing fails because canvas reports a 0 width.

Either a reliable way to get the canvas (or it's container element) width or a VisibleEvent would be perfect.

My solution was to add a selectionHandler to the tab panel. When my canvas' panel becomes visible, I use scheduleDeferred to call method that enables drawing on the canvas and forces a redraw. When a tab other than my canvas is selected, I disable drawing on my canvas.

Won't work for everyone, but may give you an idea!

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