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Can someone tell me please how to do this:


hello u.s. nicely done!


Hello U.S. Nicely Done!

Including words in separated by '.' if possible such as in U.S.


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for words separated with a space you can use ucwords function of php – Khurram Ijaz May 30 '11 at 17:03

try this:


function capitalizeNonURLs($input)
    preg_match('@(https?://([-\w\.]+)+(:\d+)?(/([\w/_\.]*(\?\S+)?)?)?)@', $input, $matches);
    $url = $matches[1];

    $temp = ucwords($input);
    $output = str_ireplace($url, $url, $temp);

    return $output;

$str = "hello u.s. nicely done!";
echo capitalizeNonURLs($str);

Keep in mind that this function does not handle abbreviations (it won't change usa to USA). Country codes can be handled in several different ways. One is to make a hashmap of country codes and replace them or use regular expression for that as well.

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To keep urls lower:

$strarray = explode(' ',$str);
    $strarray[$i] = ucfirst($strarray[$i])

$new_str = implode('',$strarray);
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