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I have came across these statements which are supposed to be run in Oracle, however I am not sure how these statements should be run. Tried running them as SQL but doesn't work.

variable output1 NUMBER;
variable output2 VARCHAR2(100);

exec rp_orader_closure_pxkg.rp_exaec_close_SILvl_WKO('aaa',
                                                     :output1, :output2);
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What does "doesn't work" mean? Any messages? –  DCookie May 30 '11 at 17:02

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I'm not sure all the SQLPlus commands work in SQL Developer. You can certainly do that in an anonymous block:

    output1 NUMBER;
    output2 VARCHAR2(100);
    rp_orader_closure_pxkg.rp_exaec_close_SILvl_WKO('aaa', '1', 
        '10aaa001a6414339', output1, output2);
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+1: Anonymous block if there's no plans to re-use the query –  OMG Ponies May 30 '11 at 23:15

It works fine for me, SQL Developer v3.0.04. In the script window, I enter:

create or replace package p as
procedure prc (p1 in varchar2, p2 in out varchar2);
create or replace package body p as
procedure prc (p1 in varchar2, p2 in out varchar2) is
  p2 := p1;
end prc;
variable output2 VARCHAR2(100);

exec p.prc('aaa',:output2);

print output2;

In the script output window:

PACKAGE p compiled
PACKAGE BODY p compiled
anonymous block completed

Perhaps I'm missing something?

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Just lose the first two lines and execute only the line with exec at the beginning. SQL developer will ask you for the values of the variables. Just leave them NULL, as they are output parameters.

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