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I am having problem with escaping the single and double quotes inside the hrefs JavaScript function.

I have this JavaScript code inside href. It's like -

<a href = "javascript:myFunc("fileDir/fileName.doc", true)"> click this </a>

Now, since double quotes inside double quote is not valid, I need to escape the inner double quotes for it to be treated as part of the string - so, I need to do this -

<a href = "javascript:myFunc(\"fileDir/fileName.doc\" , true)"> click this </a>

The problem is, even the above code is not working. The JavaScript code is getting truncated at -- myFunc(

I tried with the single quote variation too - but even that doesn't seem to work (meaning that if I have a single quote inside my string literal then the code gets truncated).

This is what I did with a single quote:

<a href = 'javascript:myFunc("fileDir/fileName.doc" , true)'> click this </a>

This works, but if I have a single quote inside the string then the code gets truncated in the same way as that of double quotes one.

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Using backslashes to escape quotes is how it works in JavaScript, but you're not actually writing JavaScript code there: you're writing HTML. You can do it by using the HTML escaping method: character entities.

&quot;  // "
&#39;   // '

For example:

<a href="javascript: alert('John O&#39;Brien says &quot;Hi!&quot');">...</a>
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I think you still need to escape &#39; since once the html is parsed the value of the entity will be expanded into a ' just like the other plain single quotes inside the attribute. It should be alert('John O\&#39;Brien says &quot;'); – JeremyWeir Dec 1 '12 at 22:59

As a general best practice, use double-quotes in HTML and single-quotes in JavaScript. That will solve most of your problems. If you need a single-quote in a JavaScript string, you can just escape it using \' - and you probably shouldn't be nesting literal strings any deeper than that.

As noted elsewhere, HTML entities are a possibility if the code is embedded in HTML. But you'll still have to deal with escaping quotes in strings in your JavaScript source files, so it's best to just have a consistent strategy for dealing with JavaScript.

If you are following this strategy and end up with a double-quote embedded in your JavaScript embedded in your HTML, just use the HTML entity &quot;.

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Normally, this kind of code is working without problems:

<a href="#" onclick="myFunc('...')">Click this</a>

With this code, do you have any problem?

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yes, he said his text could contain quotes (single & double) – nickf Mar 6 '09 at 7:05

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