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Hi sorry if this is already asked. But I looked around quite a bit.

The methods I have found for detecting if a web user is using a mobile phone don't seem very nice. They are: look at the user agent string (hackish), look for a narrow width (but what's narrow?).

Is there a direct way to see if the browser supports the <meta viewport...> directive? I think that would be the best way. Because that's what we want... If the browser supports viewport (i.e. is mobile) use it. Otherwise not.

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Try this one:

The meta viewport is seems to be implemented differently from the CSS attributes, so any solution involving reading the viewport width before specifying it may not be portable.

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Thanks, gave you an upvote. I see if that finds "Android" in the user agent string then it calls it a mobile browser. But what about Android tablets? I think a tablet users should see the regular view of a website. Maybe there is no nice solution to this problem. – mike jones Jun 7 '11 at 19:45

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