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Can a WebWorker access the localStorage?

If not why not? Is it problematic from a security stand point?

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No, localStorage and sessionStorage are both undefined in a webworker process.

You would have to call postMessage() back to the Worker's originating code, and have that code store the data in localStorage.

Interestingly, a webworker can use an AJAX call to send/retrieve info to/from a server, so that may open possibilities, depending on what you're trying to do.

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Web workers only have access to the following:

  • XMLHttpRequest
  • Application Cache
  • create other web workers
  • navigator object
  • location object
  • setTimeout method
  • clearTimeout method
  • setInterval method
  • clearInterval method
  • importScripts method
  • JSON
  • Worker

The window or parent objects are not accessible from a Web worker therefore you can't access the localStorage.

To communicate between window and the workerglobalscope you may use postMessage() function and onmessage event.

Accessing the DOM and window would not be thread safe, since the child thread would have the same privileges as its parent.

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it can access indexedDB however. – zb' Jul 28 at 16:38
And thread-safety is not a concern for localStorage, as it already needs to provide synchronized access to accomodate multiple browser tabs accessing it at the same time.… – Thilo Aug 11 at 1:49

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