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I want to emulate a long a press button, how can I do this? I think a timer is needed. I see UILongPressGestureRecognizer but how can I utilize this type?

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You can start off by creating and attaching the UILongPressGestureRecognizer instance to the button.

UILongPressGestureRecognizer *longPress = [[UILongPressGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(longPress:)];
[self.button addGestureRecognizer:longPress];
[longPress release];

And then implement the method that handles the gesture

- (void)longPress:(UILongPressGestureRecognizer*)gesture {
    if ( gesture.state == UIGestureRecognizerStateEnded ) {
         NSLog(@"Long Press");

Now this would be the basic approach. You can also set the minimum duration of the press and how much error is tolerable. And also note that the method is called few times if you after recognizing the gesture so if you want to do something at the end of it, you will have to check its state and handle it.

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Super! thanks! Btw: the if ( gesture.state == UIGestureRecognizerStateEnded ) is very important, otherwise you'll get alot of events in your longPress void –  RecycleRobot May 24 '13 at 12:25

Try this:

Adding button in view did load like this

    UIButton *btn = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect];
    [btn setTag:1]; //you can set any integer value as tag number
    btn.title = @"Press Me";
    [btn setFrame:CGRectMake(50.0, 50.0, 60.0, 60.0)];

// now create a long press gesture

    UILongPressGestureRecognizer *longPress = [[UILongPressGestureRecognizer alloc]initWithTarget:self action:@selector(longPressTap:)];
    [btn addGestureRecognizer:longPress];

Now call the gesture method like this

    UIGestureRecognizer *recognizer = (UIGestureRecognizer*) sender
//recogniser have all property of button on which you have clicked
//now you can compare button tag with recogniser tag  
//view frame for getting the info on which button the click event has been happened 
//then compare tag like this

 if(recognizer.view.tag == 1)
    //put your button's click code here
   //and you can also compare the frame of your button with recogniser's view
 CGRect btnRect = CGRectMake(50.0, 50.0, 60.0, 60.0);
 if(recogniser.view.frame == btnRect)
   //put your button's click code here

 //remember frame comparing is alternative method you dont need 
 //to write frame comparing code if you are matching the tag number of button 

Thank you!

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recognizer.view.tag gives me wrong tag of UIButton clicked. Any solution? –  rohan-patel Mar 20 '13 at 11:32

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