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I am making project on a asp.net(c#). I have completed my project and also i have make a software disc of my project. But when i am trying to access localhost.it show authentication required dialog box.which contain username and password.But i have not set any username and password. How can i overcome from this problem.

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This might help. Especially the solution by nramsey34

In IIS, you can right click on either the Website, or any virtual directory under a website and bring up the properties page. Under the 'Directory Security' tab, click the Edit button under 'Anonymous Access and Authentication Control'. This will bring up a window where you can configure the authentication method for your website. To stop it from asking for a password, make sure that Anonymous Access is selected. The username should look like this - IUSR_YOURPCNAME, and you should let IIS control the password. You should still be able to leave Windows Authentication selected as well, but to be certain it will not ask for a password you can also uncheck that box.

or this one, the solution by boyban

The Login Popup is due to a setting in your IE Browser. In your IE Browser:

  1. Go to the Top menu "Tools" -> "Internet Options".
  2. Then choose the "Advanced" Tab.
  3. Then Scroll all the way down and "Uncheck" the Checkbox corresponding to "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication".
  4. Then Click the button that says "Apply" and then "OK".
  5. Close the browser and in a new browser try http://localhost.
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