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I'm a n00b to python, and I'm looking a code snippet/sample which performs the following:

  • Display a message like "Press any key to configure or wait X seconds to continue"
  • Wait, for example, 5 seconds and continue execution, or enter a configure() subroutine if a key is pressed.

Thank you for your help!

Yvan Janssens

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If you're on Unix/Linux then the select module will help you.

import sys
from select import select

print "Press any key to configure or wait 5 seconds..."
timeout = 5
rlist, wlist, xlist = select([sys.stdin], [], [], timeout)

if rlist:
    print "Config selected..."
    print "Timed out..."

If you're on Windows, then look into the msvcrt module. (Note this doesn't work in IDLE, but will in cmd prompt)

import sys, time, msvcrt

timeout = 5
startTime = time.time()
inp = None

print "Press any key to configure or wait 5 seconds... "
while True:
    if msvcrt.kbhit():
        inp = msvcrt.getch()
    elif time.time() - startTime > timeout:

if inp:
    print "Config selected..."
    print "Timed out..."

Edit Changed the code samples so you could tell whether there was a timeout or a keypress...

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it was indeed for linux. Thank you! –  friedkiwi May 31 '11 at 8:20
about the windows part: I'd strongly suggest to insert a time.sleep(0.5) at the end of the while-loop, because otherwise the process will waste quite some processor time while waiting... –  Alexander Tobias Heinrich Jun 12 '13 at 9:24

Python doesn't have any standard way to catch this, it gets keyboard input only through input() and raw_input().

If you really want this you could use Tkinter or pygame to catch the keystrokes as "events". There are also some platform-specific solutions like pyHook. But if it's not absolutely vital to your program, I suggest you make it work another way.

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If you combine time.sleep, threading.Thread, and sys.stdin.read you can easily wait for a specified amount of time for input and then continue.

t = threading.Thread(target=sys.stdin.read(1) args=(1,))
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