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I would like to to sort CampaignRetailers by Retailer.Name. However Retailer is a referenced entity on CampaignRetailers. I've tried order-by="Retailer.Name". Is this kind of sorting possible?

<class name="Campaign" table="Campaign">
  <id name="Id">
    <generator class="identity"/>
  <set name="CampaignRetailers" table="CampaignRetailers"
       cascade="all-delete-orphan" inverse="true" order-by="Retailer.Name">
    <key column="CampaignId" not-null="true" />
    <one-to-many class="CampaignRetailer" />

<class name="CampaignRetailer" table="CampaignRetailers">
  <id name="Id">
    <generator class="identity"/>
  <many-to-one name="Campaign" column="CampaignId" />
  <many-to-one name="Retailer" column="RetailerId" />
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This is not possible.

Use client-side adhoc sorting instead. For example:

sortedCampaignRetailers = campaign.CampaignRetailers
                                  .OrderBy(x => x.Retailer.Name);
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The following should work fine for this (NH 3.x+):

 var retailers = Session.QueryOver<CampaignRetailer>()
                .JoinQueryOver(x => x.Retailer)
                .OrderBy(x => x.Name).Asc
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