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I'm using preg_match_all to find a URL in a HTML file. The URL always appears at the start of the line, with no leading space, like this:

<A HREF="/link/to/here"><strong>Next</strong></A>

I used this to match it:

preg_match_all('|^<A HREF="(?<url>.*?)"><strong>Next</strong>|', $html, $url_matches);

It didn't work until I removed the carat (^) character. I thought that the carat matched the start of a line. Why is it causing my match to fail?

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Are you absolutely sure there's no whitespace at the beginning of your string? What happens if you run it through trim(), and then send the resulting trimmed string through your preg_match_all() that has the caret? – CanSpice May 30 '11 at 19:23
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You have to add the m modifier:

preg_match_all('|^<A HREF="(?<url>.*?)"><strong>Next</strong>|m', $html, $url_matches);

then ^ matches at start of a line, else it would only match at the start of the entire string.

More Info:

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Great, thank you. – nevan king May 30 '11 at 19:26

^ matches start-of-string not start-of-line. Use the m ("multi-line") modifier: //m

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