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I have just watched the railscast about a simple search form and I want to do something like that in my app, but I don't want to find just results that match exactly.

I have a model named Project with the following fields:

  • name,
  • description,
  • keyword1, and
  • keyword2.

Given the code taken from the railscast:


    if search
        find( :all, :conditions => ['name LIKE ?', "%#{search}%"] )

If I want to search for "Pizza", and I would want it to match a project named "Master Pizza Project" with keyword1 => "MasterPizza" and keyword2 => "Pizza", how would I refactor the above code?

Also, is case sensitivity a problem?

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There is another railscast where Ryan Bates talks about utilizing Sphinx to make full text search. I would highly recommend such an approach instead of doing things from scratch :

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You'd need to split the query into atoms, run each atom as a separate query then merge the results from each atom.

At this point things are getting pretty complex, you'd be better off using a search library such as Acts as Indexed which takes care of all this for you.

[Disclosure] I'm the author of Acts as Indexed.

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Check out the Metasearch and Metawhere gems.

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I don't quite understand your q but I hope this makes sense:

    if search
     where('title LIKE ? OR keyword1 LIKE ? OR keyword2 LIKE ?',"%#{search}%", "%#{search}%","%#{search}%")
    # find(:all, :conditions => ['title LIKE ?', "%#{search}%"])
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