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I have a .xib file that I created by itself. I was wondering what the best way is to display that .xib when I click on a button. The .xib isn't full screen, it is only 200 x 200. I want to be able to control the .xib also, because it has buttons on it. Should I create a new class, if so, how do I connect the .xib to the class.

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Create a new class with an IBOutlet property mySquareView. In the IB set owner type to this class and connect your view to the property. Then work just if it was xib of a normal view with a view controller.

In order to load your view from xib, use an instance of your owner class and use the instantiateWithOwner:options: method of the UINib class.

You can also check the Loading Nib Files Programmatically section of this part of documentation provided by Apple.

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