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Hi I am working in a java application. I need to execute a perl script(linux) which is in remote machine in java application from local machine(windows). I need to do this process automatically that is without manual intereption. Now I will explain the process clearly, at present to run the perl script,I just open the putty window, connect to the remote machine and execute the perl script.

Now I want to do above explained process automatically by clicking a button. So when I click a button, it should call a function which connects to the remote machine and then executes the perl script.Please help me to solve this. I need this code in java as soon as possible.

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You can use the same procedure as your manual one, by using an ssh library you can create secured connection to your server and execute the script that you want.

This question has listed some java ssh library that you can use.

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You can find nice examples of JSch in action here: – Tomasz Błachowicz May 30 '11 at 22:23
thanks for your reply,there is some docs or tutorials for JSch I did some research but it seems that there isn't – Dark_angel Jun 1 '11 at 11:10

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