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Hi I am working with direct buffers in Java, and I need to have a fast memcopy on them. In C there is the memcpy command, and on Java Arrays I have Arrays.copyOf. But there is no way of using Arrays instead of direct buffers, because I need to transfer those to OpenGL.

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Do you mean, you have a direct ByteBuffer and you need a (fast) copy of that buffer? – Ishtar May 30 '11 at 22:12
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If you mean "direct" ByteBuffers, there's a put method which accepts other ByteBuffer instances so you can copy around.

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You can just use put() with either a byte[] or a ByteBuffer, this will use a native call memcpy under neither in the Sun/Oracle JDK.

For direct and heap byte buffers put() uses the Bits.copyFromArray() and Unsafe.copyMemory() methods.

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check System.arrayCopy it's the fastest way to copy part of an array in java

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