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Maybe im probably all wrong about this.
Here goes..
I have the:

gestureScanner = new GestureDetector(this);

and i have the:

public boolean onSingleTapUp(MotionEvent e) {

The class is:

public class PhotoEditDrawView extends ImageView implements OnGestureListener {

In the onSingleTapUp im detecting tap's on 4 places on the screen
They are: Left bottom left middle right bottom right middle

I get click responses ok from all 4 locations if the Bitmap fills the screen.
I notice that if the loaded Bitmap is small the 4 click locations are inside the image, so to speak.
Hope you can follow this..
If the Bitmap is small I want to detect finger tap's outside the Bitmap(imageView)..
How can i do that in a sensibly way.
I was thinking of using GestureOverlayView. But it looks like it cannot detect tapping points.
Any ide?

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answering my own question.
see my other post:
How can i detect tap on the screen?

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