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I'm having some trouble with vim, gg=G doesn't remove extra newlines, I'm trying with


but it's not working in the whole file. Any help appreciated.

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+1 for an interesting question. I didn't realize that \n was so hard to match in vim –  Mike Pennington May 31 '11 at 2:09

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This should work in vim...


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" Put the function bellow in your vimrc
" remove extra newlines keeping the cursor position and search registers
fun! DelBlank()
   let _s=@/
   let l = line(".")
   let c = col(".")
   let @/=_s
   call cursor(l, c)
" the function can be called with "leader" d see :h <leader>
map <special> <leader>d :keepjumps call DelBlank()<cr>
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