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Given this HTML:

<ul class="root">
   <li class="a">A</li>
   <li class="b">B</li>

Is it possible to write a CSS selector that sets properties on .root when the mouse hovers over .a?

To be clear, I do NOT mean this:

ul.root li.a:hover { }

This would apply properties to the child when it's hovered over. I want to apply the properties to the root when the child is hovered.

I could fall back on JavaScript, but I'd rather use CSS if it's possible.

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This is not possible with CSS alone because, as mentioned in numerous other questions (such as...), there's no CSS parent selector (reason being CSS styles cascade "down" the DOM, not up it). You'll have to do it with JavaScript.

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Thanks for a clear explanation. I did a fair bit of searching on this topic before posting, but didn't find anything. I didn't phrase it quite right, perhaps. –  Drew Noakes May 31 '11 at 2:31

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