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I am attempting to create something along the lines of How to Implement Basic Defensio Spam Protection in Rails but I'm running into a problem. In the article they have something like:

def self.init(attributes)


def self.clean!(attrs)
    returning({}) do |cleansed_attributes|
        attrs.each do |key, value|
            cleansed_attributes.merge!(key.to_s.underscore => value)

They are then calling DefensioResponse.init. In my case however I had it setup a a little bit differently. I'm calling comment.build_defensio() (my model is called Defensio instead of DefensioResponse) and it appears that self.init is never being called. How should I change the above code block in order to have it work w/ comment.build_defensio()?

For More Information

If you need to look at any of the source code I have it hosted over on Github.

Basically what I'm doing is submitting a comment (Skatepark::Comment), after it successfully saves DefensioJob gets enqueued w/ Delayed::Job.enqueue(DefensioJob.new(self.id)). Inside of the defensio job is where I'm attempting to create and save a new Skatepark::Comment::Defensio record.

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It would help if you could post the relevant parts of your model. –  zetetic May 31 '11 at 5:54
@zeteic - I've updated my question to include a little better explanation as well as a link to my entire project which is over on GitHub. Hope that helps. –  kyledecot May 31 '11 at 6:19

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You could override initializer of model, like this

def initialize(attributes = {})
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