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I'm stumped on this one. We're using the HealthMonitoring API to log events in our app, including membership / forms authentication events (WebAuthenticationFailureAuditEvent).

The log is cluttered by lots of "The ticket supplied has expired" events, which has event code 4005.

I want to ignore these events, but I don't want to ignore all 4005 events, in case of someone attempting cookie tampering.

Does anyone know a way to ignore events based upon their EventDetailCode (in this case 50202).

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You can create a custom event provider by inheriting from the System.Web.Management.WebEventProvider base provider class. This way you could handle the errors you want to by logging them and ignoring any others. Checkout "How to Write a Custom Web Event Provider for ASP.NET 2.0" and "Creating Custom Event Providers" for more info.

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