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What is the equivalent for R's approxfun in Matlab?

I used interp3() to calculate the interpolation points, now I need to create an inverse function to perform this interpolation. Any ideas?

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A quick search (with my favorite library(sos); findFn("3d interpolation")) finds nothing. You may be stuck writing it yourself ... linear interpolation should be fairly easy. Splines could be harder. The mgcv package can do 3d smoothing splines, but I don't know about interpolation splines. Searching "3d interpolation" on rseek.org found some stuff on the mailing lists but don't know if any of it is really useful. –  Ben Bolker May 31 '11 at 12:23

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When you need the inverse of a function you should simply reverse the order of the x and y values. So if interp3( x, y) gets you a satisfactory function, then interp3( y, x) should produce the inverse, subject of course to the possibility you may need to do it piecewise if it is not monotonic.

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