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I inherited an assembly with MSTest, but these tests were run using nunit-console on the build machine (not sure how it worked). So I decided to sort it out and change them to proper NUnit tests, but now nunit-console (or gui) can't find any tests. They run just fine using ReSharper test runner though. Any idea what could be missing?

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I'm having the same problem; can run my tests from within VS.NET using TestDriven.NET, but my buildmachine doesn't execute them, although my fixtures are all public. – Frederik Gheysels Mar 6 '09 at 10:05


  • Is the class public?
  • Does it have a public parameterless constructor (e.g. the default one if you don't specify any other constructors)
  • Does it have the [TestFixture] attribute at the class level?
  • Is each test public?
  • Does each test have the [Test] attribute?
  • Is each test parameterless?

I believe some versions of NUnit were able to find tests based on their names, e.g. TestFooBarBaz() without the [Test] attribute, but I don't know what the state of this is now - it could explain the discrepancy though.

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Are your test fixtures, classes and methods, public? They have to be for NUnit to find them.

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Thanks for help, everyone. Upgrading to the latest NUnit framework fixed the problem (all the obvious things you suggested were OK).

Frederik Gheysels, you can try that as well I guess.

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I've version 2.4.7; it seems that the latest version is 2.4.8 ... I'll give it a shot. thx. – Frederik Gheysels Mar 6 '09 at 11:01

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