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I'm having to work within an environment in which I cannot use additional frameworks.

I am trying to send the id of a dynamically generated td to a function to be processed.

Looks something like this:

'<td id="td' + j + '" class="r' + i + 'c' + j%2 + '" onclick=GetLocation(this)>'

I'm just not sure (and cannot find after reading articles for an hour or so) how to pass the object's id. Any insight would be appreciated.

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if you're the one dynamically generating it, won't you know how to pass it in? just pass that same string instead of this –  nathan gonzalez May 31 '11 at 4:45

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My guess is you could do the following in your GetLocation() function:

var GetLocation = function(someObject){
   var objectID = someObject.id;
   alert("the id is -> " + objectID);
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Also - it might be a good idea to inspect the td you are expecting an id from. It could be that it's not being assigned an id. Most major browsers come with an inspector. –  jeremysawesome May 31 '11 at 4:54

If the id is assigned, you could either pass it as this.id or just pass this itself and access the id inside the function body like obj.id

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