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May I know the way to create a war file which work same as the application while running in playFramework? As I tried on Windows XP, running play war mayapp -o myapp.war resulted in a myapp.war folder. I then placed the folder into Tomcat 6 in the webapps directory.

Then, I started myapp.war in Tomcat by going to https:localhost:8080/myapp.war.

Problem is: my application at above URL behaves wrongly. There is no CSS nor Javascript. The webpage URLs are not in the expected form.

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The problem you have is due to the concept of a WAR context. Take a look at the following related question, which should solve your problem.

how to use "war.context" in Configuration file of Play Framework ?

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can you try this url:


Can you see the CSS this way?

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i tried localhost:8080/myapp still same problem –  Kasim Basha Jun 2 '11 at 4:52

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