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Is there anything like LaunchRock, but in the form of a Gem? It'd be something that says "X is the Y of Z", have a slick-looking background, and an email address one can use to get an early invite

I mean something that automates a launch page, even if a launch page is extremely simple in of itself, I wanted to see if a gem existed already that does it.

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If I understand your question correctly, gems don't create applications for you - they only give you certain specific functionalities, such as pagination of many records.

If you want it to say 'X is the Y of Z', then type that in a div in your page. If you want to build an application with a 'slick looking background', put a background-image in your html. And, if you want to save an e-mail address to a database, build your controller actions and migrations and get it working.

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