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Can anyone tell me about the way to resize my image view to show images in both portrait and landscape mode .i want to show them full screen .Please help

Thanks, Christy

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are you using interface builder or doing it by code? – iProgrammer May 31 '11 at 5:21
doing it by code – Christina May 31 '11 at 5:21
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Use like

imageView.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleWidth|UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleHeight;

and also set leftmargin ,right margin from above code

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thanks.......... – Christina May 31 '11 at 5:26
your welcome.... – iProgrammer May 31 '11 at 5:27
also can u tell me how can i write a code for the event ,i.e clicking return in the keyboard when i type anything in my text box – Christina May 31 '11 at 5:46
@Christina: I suggest you ask a new question to get response on it. – rptwsthi May 31 '11 at 6:03
Ask new question..I am not getting what you want to ask – iProgrammer May 31 '11 at 6:06

hey change the frame of the image view in the didOrientationChange method..Simple as that...!!

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